Why I'm Obsessed With Chokers

We have all worn them at one point or another...your favorite 90s staple.

Chokers have made a comeback in the fashion world and I can't say that I'm surprised!

I mean I don't know about you but I remember never even taking my choker off as a kid (I only had the classic plastic black one).


I showered with that thing, went to bed with it, and layered it with all sorts of other necklaces. Well, years later and here I am doing the same exact thing! Except now, I value good sleep so, no jewelry in bed and I also take care of my jewelry so, no showering with it either lol.


What I love about chokers is that you can go delicate with it or bold! You have endless possibilities when it comes to layering and it gives even the simplest look an edgy vibe.

I'm pretty proud of the choker collection I've built and I've tagged some of my favorites in this post! This is probably my favorite trend that has made a comeback. Long live the choker!

Until next time babes!




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