Why Fun Bags Are A Must In Any Wardrobe


Hey babes!

Recently I was asked about how to incorporate fun bags into a wardrobe so I thought I'd write a post about it. 

Fun bags are a MUST in any wardrobe because through them you can really let your style shine. They also bring new life into your outfits! 


With both of these looks, I have on the exact same outfit but the two different bags say two completely different things. 


This adorable floral clutch is perfect for a night out or an early dinner date. While the LV Speedy with the fun strap is ideal for a day of errands or any other occasion where you need to carry more items and be on the go!


If you're more of a simple gal, maybe adding a fun strap to a bag could be the perfect place to start! I also love fun straps because it's a small commitment and you can make the same bag have so many different looks!  


Lately I've loved pairing fun bright bags with fun earrings!

Thanks for reading along!