My Favorite Places to Shop

Hi lovelies! 

Happy Monday! I hope your Monday is filled with all things fun and productive! 

So for today’s blog post, I wanted to share what my favorite places to shop are. I get asked a lot about where to buy curvy jeans, where my jewelry comes from and where to get winter clothes at a reasonable price- so lets get started! 

Let’s begin with my favorite- accessories! I believe the right accessories can make an outfit, but the wrong accessories can make you look like a hot mess- and I want you to look like a hot snack! 

Earrings- I’m what I like to call an earring hoarder... I mean a collector, yeah that. Haha!

Earrings can be so fun and can add so much to an outfit. My top two places for earrings are:  Bauble Bar and Express

Linked below are some of my favorites!

Sunnies- Ya’ll already know! My go to brand for sunnies is Quay Australia. I’m obsessed! They get it right every time and I love supporting some of my favorite makeup artists/fashionistas that they partner with. Linked below are my faves! 

Bags- My favorite places for bags is Zara and Poshmark! I love the styles that Zara offers at such affordable prices. You can’t go wrong with them! Poshmark is such a blessing, they authenticate luxury bags and give you 3 days after purchasing to inspect it and decide if you’re keeping it or not. You can get a lot of luxury items up to 40% off! 

Now let’s talk about tops: my top three places for tops are: Dillard’s, SheIn, and H&M

If you’ve never taken advantage of a Dillard’s sale, you’re doing it wrong! They have amazing sales on tops year round. Linked below are my faves from these places!

My hardest item to shop for are jeans, because I need petite jeans but that also have room for that Brazilian booty, haha! 

I have had the best of luck with Guess, Levis, and Mott & Bow jeans! If you have a small waist and rounder hips, I’ve linked my faves below! Mott & Bow really gets it right every single time, they also have a lot of different styles to choose from. They are a little on the pricier side but completly worth it!

Now let’s talk about shoes- Since injuring my meniscus I haven’t been able to rock high heels like I used to but that doesn’t mean the shoe collection isn’t constantly growing! My top two places for shoes are Zappos and Aldo! I’ve linked my favorites below!

Last but not least, blazers and coats- My top brands for blazers are Zara and Nordstrom. Zara has THE cutest blazers! They also have longer blazers that are slimming and very comfy. Nordstrom is my go to for winter coats. You can almost always get them at least 30% off and they have adorable styles! 

Thank you all so much for reading along and I hope these tips inspire you! Have a great week, loves!