7 Habits of Happy People


It's Friday, babes! Can I get a woot woot?!

I don't know how many of you have noticed that when you're around truly happy people, they all seem to have some similar habits. I've been thinking about this lately, in regards to being happy on purpose rather than accidentally.

So I curated a list of 7 habits that happy people share. Some of these come from me personally and some come from my friends and family- people that are happy on purpose.


Now before we get to my list... you're probably thinking, "What on earth does Izzy mean by being happy on purpose? Why would it not be on purpose?" What I mean is, when you're happy on purpose you understand that happiness is not something that comes naturally in every stage of life. When we focus on creating habits that make us happy, we are able to create the life of our dreams!

When we chose to be happy in the midst of whatever life is throwing at us, we are able to create joy versus waiting for something or someone to bring it into our lives.


Now on to my list, happy people;

1- Give to others whenever they are able to. They bless others without asking for anything in return. While giving is an unselfish act, it is also very beneficial for the giver. Happy people look for ways that they can go above and beyond and help someone else without an agenda.

2- They exercise. Now this one should be a given, working out for even 10 minutes releases GABA. GABA is a neurotransmitter that gives you immediate anxiety relief! Its a natural depression suppressant that helps you sleep better at night, boosts your energy and soothes your brain. Who isn't happier when they get good sleep and are relaxed??

3- Which leads me right into this topic.. happy people get enough sleep! Sleeping improves your focus, mood and self control. Get out of here sugar cravings! You do not control me! But for real though, sleeping is the only time your brain can recharge so if that's the first thing you're throwing out the window, rethink that!

4- They know when to say "no". This is a hard one for me and I can honestly say I'm still learning it. Saying "yes" to everything is a recipe for a very miserable life and I know this first hand. When you say "yes" to every request that comes your way you wont have any balance in your life.

5- They don't get attached to every success and failure. When something goes wrong, happy people don't take it personally but they also don't get cocky when something goes right. They don't let success go to their heads and they don't let failure keep them from trying again.

6- Happy people have a grateful, optimistic mindset. Being optimistic has been proven to lower your chance of chronic disease and improve your immune system. Gratitude is one of the most important elements for happiness. It's the key to experiencing life at its best!

7- Last but certainly not least, happy people invite God into every aspect of their life. They take time to pray and meditate.

Some of these come easier to me than others, but these are not habits that will just stick overnight. They require practice and dedication.

Thanks for reading, babes! I'd love to hear about your "happy habits" comment below and let me know!