10 Keto Friendly Restaurants I Love


Welcome back, Babes!

I hope you all are having the best day, wherever you’re at and in whatever you’re doing!

Today, I’m coming at you with a list of Keto friendly restaurants to help you when you’re on the go, traveling or on a date.

These are all meals that I have personally tried, so I can vouch that they are in fact delicious!

1- Buffalo Wild Wings: This is one of my favorites because I absolutely love spicy! The Buffalo Blue Burger can be served over greens and I add extra hot sauce. This meal is so delicious and really hits the spot when I’m craving a burger.

2- Chick-fil-A: If you follow me on Instagram, you know I go here a lot! It’s right by my work and I can grab a quick, affordable keto lunch. I order the Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich with no bun or the Grilled Nuggets with a Side Salad. With both of these I add an avocado to it, which I carry in my purse. As you get deeper into your Keto journey, you’ll find the things you like to carry with you. Mine are; avocados, peanuts, and jerky. That way if I get stuck somewhere or I’m traveling and there are no Keto snack options, I can still eat!

3- TGI Friday’s: This restaurant was a staple in college. My roommates and I would drive 30 mins once a week to eat there! I get the Million Dollar Cobb Salad with Grilled Chicken. I love a good Cobb salad, it’s so filling!

4- Kentucky Fried Chicken: This is such an affordable option if you are on a tighter budget, and it’s yummy! You can get the 2 Piece White Chicken Combo Grilled with Green Beans and a drink for $5!! You can’t beat that!

5- Jimmy John’s: This is a huge go to for us when we are traveling. I get the Vito in an Unwich. You can turn any of their sandwiches into an Unwich, so it will come neatly wrapped in lettuce. I’m not a huge fan of lettuce wraps because they are usually messy and I just end up wearing my food instead of eating it, but Jimmy John’s gets it right every time!

6- Chipotle: I love Chipotle so much! Give me all the guac!! But seriously, you can have any mix of; Romaine Lettuce, Chicken, Steak, Pork, Barbacoa, Chorizo, Fajita Veggies, Fresh Salsa, Green Chili Salsa, Red Chili Salsa, Cheese and Guac of course! If you’re starving, this will be the best bang for your buck, you can get a huge bowl of food for less than $8!

7- Wendy’s: At Wendy’s you can get any of their sandwiches/burgers in a lettuce wrap. Just make sure to watch your sauces. No ketchup ( unless you have your own sugar free ketchup with you, like the crazy lady writing this), and no honey mustard or raspberry vinaigrette. My favorite here is the Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad!

8- Panda Express: Ya’ll know I crave Chinese Food like no other. In a Keto lifestyle, Chinese food is going to be pretty limited but we can pretend right? I like to get the String Bean Chicken Breast which is green beans, chicken and onions sautéed in a ginger soy sauce. Don’t let the ginger scare you, it’s pretty mild. This meal is pretty filling and is under $8 for 2 servings at 9 net carbs per serving. So I save this meal for the day that I dream about Chinese food all day long!

9- The Cheesecake Factory: This one is a tough one because you have to have major self control to be in this restaurant and not be tempted to lick a slice of cheesecake. I like to get the grilled pork chops with a side salad and a side of green beans. Its super yummy! Then for dessert, I watch whoever I’m with eat a slice of cheesecake. LOL

10- Subway: You can turn most of their sandwiches into a salad. I always add extra cheese to mine, just watch out for sauces and dressings. Never be afraid to ask for an ingredient list!

These are some of the meals that I take advantage of when eating out and they are fool proof!

Thanks for reading along, tell me below, what’s your favorite restaurant right now?