25 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self


What would you tell your younger self? Hindsight is always 20/20. I constantly think of advice that I would give my younger self everything from “you wore what?!” to “don’t put that on your face!”

1. Take care of your skin- It took me so long to start caring for my skin and I finally appreciate the benefits of SPF. Also, it’s never too early to start preventing wrinkles!

2. Accept yourself as God made you and truly appreciate your body.

3. Worry less- Some worry is healthy but the amount of time I’ve spent on worrying about things that are completely outside of my control is a little ridiculous.

4. Floss! I know I can’t be the only one that has rolled their eyes every time the dentist talks about flossing, right? I finally made it a daily habit to floss but I wish I would’ve learned this sooner!

5. Save, save, save! It’s never too early to start saving that cheddah! 10 years ago I remember thinking “oh, there’s time!” I’m sure that 10 years from now, I’m going to be really thankful that I finally started saving.

6. Choose your friends wisely- Surround yourself with good people who reciprocate your friendship. Nobody likes a one-sided friendship!

7. Learn to say no! I have spent so many seasons of my life overwhelmed because I put too much on my plate. Keyword here is ‘I’, it’s no ones fault but my own. I used to think that saying “no” was weak, rude, and selfish. It took me years to realize that it’s actually; good, kind and needed.

8. But also serendipity is a real thing! Say yes to new things, say yes to a challenge, finish what you start even if you don’t see the benefit in it at first- you never know what’s going to come out of it!

9. Less is more- Perfume, make up, accessories and hair gel…lol! These are all things I went overboard on at one point or another. Especially the hair gel, I have the photos to prove it!

10. Life is all about waiting, patience is going to be needed. You’re going to wait in line for coffee, you’re going to wait in traffic, you’re going to wait for a promotion, you’re going to wait for all sorts of things, so be prepared, carry a book or a magazine or some beef jerky or something.

11. Get to know your parents- there’s so much you don’t know about before you happened. Ask them about their childhoods, their likes and dislikes. Take time to get to know them.

12. Punishing crappy people is not your job! You were not hired by some secret organization whose mission is to punish shitty people for their actions. Let karma do it’s job.

13. Cool it with the sarcasm- not everyone is going to understand your sense of humor and some folks might even be offended by it. A little goes a long way!

14. That guy that broke your heart, did you a huge favor.

15. Don’t compete with others, compete with yourself!

16. Write things down, woman! You can’t remember everything so try actually using one of you 19 planners.

17. Make goals for yourself but also understand that there are many different paths you could take to achieve them.

18. Your mom is right.

19. Don’t take yourself too seriously, it’s okay to laugh at yourself.

20. If you run out of face wash and your mom can’t take you until tomorrow, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use body wash on your face, girl!!

21. Nothing in life is permanent- every season is going to be different. Realize that; good times, bad times, school, friends, heartbreak, etc are all temporary.

22. Simplify! Stop keeping things because '“you might need it someday”. De clutter your life.

23. Realize that change is inevitable- you can’t fight change and even though you’re not the biggest fan of it, you will see the beauty of it eventually.

24. Don’t settle. Every time you settle for something, you’re going to wish you could go back and set higher expectations. Do that from the start!

25. Be yourself! I spent so many years worried about what people think, worrying about society as a whole. It’s a breath of fresh air to let go of that and just be me!

I hope you babes enjoyed this list of lessons! Some are silly, some are serious and some we only learn with time. Tell me down below, if you can relate to one or a few of these!